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An Anchor in a Sea of Stars...
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7th-Mar-2009 11:15 pm
OK so I was thinking...I wanted to do a meme-ish sort of thing that all three of us could participate in interactively, just to kind of give the community a bit of an artistic boost since it's been dead for a little while, so I came up with a maybe fun thing for us to do!

So the idea is this: we take our characters (any characters! In relationships, or single, or whatever) and hook them up with other people's characters and send them on dates together at random.

The way it would kind of work would be that two of us choose one of our own characters, and the third person picks a date. I think we should do it at random so we don't know who's going with who or where they're going - do they end up liking each other? Having a fling? Being friends? Killing each other?

As for dates...they could be as normal as we want (like, "go see a love-comedy movie together") or as crazy as we want ("go on a herping expedition in Brazil")! Do Bao and Biblios go to play lazer-tag together?! Or maybe Jamie and Coren intend to go to an ice-cream parlor but instead get wrapped up in a high-speed police chase?!

SO~~ if you guys like the sound of it it would go like this:

1) Chrissy and Katie pick a character, Helen picks a date
2) Helen and Katie pick a character, Chrissy picks a date
3) Helen and Chrissy pick a character, Katie picks a date
rinse and repeat!

What do we think? :D
8th-Mar-2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
I finally have scanner access again so this sounds like fun! HOW DO WE GO ABOUT DOING THIS
8th-Mar-2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
lol I DON'T KNOW AHHH. Ok. Maybe we should like... go into a chatroom together and just blurt out our answers all at once? I wanna make it as random as possible but idk how to even do that. XD

SOOOO I guess... choose your answers for each one (so for #1 and 2 you pick a character and for #3 you pick a date) and then we'll set up a time when we can all chat together :D
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