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An Anchor in a Sea of Stars...

//searching for the southern cross

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This is a story about three artists that were tired of the totalitarian DeviantArt. Their posts are the chapters in a drama that will eventually bend the fabric of time and space.

"Goddammit, Hoshi, killing is your answer to everything!"

Once an innocent, naïve youngster. Her child-like love for all things fluffy was crushed when the nefarious Hoshi came and stole her heart away. Now she is constantly consumed and fascinated by putting small boys in dresses. She also experienced a tragic accident involving a coathangar. This may or may not be secretly expressed in her works. Her art usually consists of mindless doodles, and sometimes actual art pieces and writing.

"Hey guys lookatme I'm a bluejay! CAW! CAW!"

The fact that Captain Planet is a considerably large role model for her may or may not say a lot. She frequently partakes in lesbian antics and feeds purely on the innocence of others, of which Amethyst is a major source. Her hobbies include drawing, being a pervert, playing video games, drawing perverted things, and moar! She plans to one day construct large female robots with gayifying nipple lasers to take over the world. Amethyst is the only one who has the power to keep this plan at bay with her army of boys in dresses.

"Kneading tits (´・ω・)つ(・(・"

Serenity began her life on the internet as a Mary-Sue writing fanfag, but has since reformed and enjoys all forms of internet depravity and cruelty. Her art began initially as an outlet for her eleven-year-old self's Sailor Moon and Pokémon fancharacters, but has since developed into a slightly less weeaboo form. Growth is a wonderful thing. She now spends her time illustrating stories that will never be written and trying to beat her tablet into submission.