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An Anchor in a Sea of Stars...
//searching for the southern cross
9th-Jun-2009 02:35 pm - 90 - more recent stuff!
Green Forest
the theme of this update is 1) WATERCOLOR and 2) BEN. There are however no watercolor Bens. Sorry.

watercolors!Collapse )


Later I'll try and get around to updating with some of my older stuff I never got around to posting up here. :D
I'm also actually gonna try and draw some Ben/Lino smut...I've been meaning to but I keep accidentally drawing lesbians instead, lololol
go Sumeragi go
I'm here

w-what's that you say
I haven't posted since december
...d-don't look at me like that

ok so this is gonna be a digital work only post because otherwise this entry would be 56478924367890 crapdoodles long. And it is still pretty long but at least it is filled with color. Should I even bother uploading everything since last time? To put it into normal-sized posts I'd probably have to split it up into like 5 posts and I don't know it's kind of all shit anyways

well onto the tegaki stuff I guessCollapse )

sketch requests and some other stuffCollapse )

EXTREME NSFW consider yourself warnedCollapse )

more to come...uh....maybe
22nd-May-2009 10:49 pm - 27 - finished!
Thanks for the crits, everyone! They helped a lot.

The end result, if you were interested.Collapse )

Now to work on trades and requests, and then more pin-ups!

Are there any characters that people would especially like to see? :9
Hey hey can peeps help me with this picture maybe? Crits plz

lj-cuttttttttteeeddddCollapse )
7th-Mar-2009 11:15 pm - OK I HAS A MEME IDEA GUYS
OK so I was thinking...I wanted to do a meme-ish sort of thing that all three of us could participate in interactively, just to kind of give the community a bit of an artistic boost since it's been dead for a little while, so I came up with a maybe fun thing for us to do!

So the idea is this: we take our characters (any characters! In relationships, or single, or whatever) and hook them up with other people's characters and send them on dates together at random.

The way it would kind of work would be that two of us choose one of our own characters, and the third person picks a date. I think we should do it at random so we don't know who's going with who or where they're going - do they end up liking each other? Having a fling? Being friends? Killing each other?

As for dates...they could be as normal as we want (like, "go see a love-comedy movie together") or as crazy as we want ("go on a herping expedition in Brazil")! Do Bao and Biblios go to play lazer-tag together?! Or maybe Jamie and Coren intend to go to an ice-cream parlor but instead get wrapped up in a high-speed police chase?!

SO~~ if you guys like the sound of it it would go like this:

1) Chrissy and Katie pick a character, Helen picks a date
2) Helen and Katie pick a character, Chrissy picks a date
3) Helen and Chrissy pick a character, Katie picks a date
rinse and repeat!

What do we think? :D
29th-Dec-2008 02:21 am - 88 - rush post
I am just farting this all out before sleeping and then RUSHING TO PACK FOR KATERS <3

here is the sketch update I've been putting off foreverCollapse )


NOW, TO BED *zooms away*
3rd-Dec-2008 01:07 pm - 86 - a barf post before I go to work
Auugh I can't believe I actually am going to work today barf barf

Man I've been drawing nothing but wimmins lately

just a bunch of tegakisCollapse )
21st-Nov-2008 09:28 pm - OC Questions Meme: STEAMPUNK EDITION!
Members and old friends will know the drill. New friends, feel free to join in!

Rules are the same as last time, but this time we're using characters from our Steampunk AUs.

*Choose a few original characters. This rule is pretty bendy. Generally I say five, but if you want to put just one or more or whatever, go nuts.
*Comment to this post with a picture of your OC(s). After that, people can comment to your comment with questions for your OCs! Questions can be silly or serious, relevant or random.
*One question per comment. I think this will help keep thing organized. Comment as much as you like, though!
*Questions can be asked as yourself or as another OC.
*Original poster will respond to the questions through drawings or in text as the character.

If you're really stumped about questions, here are some sites that might help! (1) (2)
8th-Nov-2008 11:15 pm - 85 - naked naked naked
Green Forest
Hey A_C, long time no bombard you with breasts and/or gays

sketch sketch sketchCollapse )

Nudity, and color!Collapse )
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